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Message from Executive Director

There is no such thing as a professional job hunter….You can’t major in Job Search nor will you ever ace the Interview final. From Ivy League schools to the local community college, you are taught how to do the job…..not how to get the job!

Executive and professionals have sacrificed for their careers…nevertheless they will never be career managers! With stellar careers, even those who market products and services will lose perspective when marketing themselves. Just as you wouldn’t perform your own heart surgery, please look to our expertise to showcase your brand, prepare your marketing tools, enhance your contacts, and coach you to victory!

Many of our 43,000 clients are today’s hiring decision makers and make themselves available to mentor our candidates. Since 1973 we have made ourselves available 7-days a week because of the time sensitive nature of job search. I encourage you to contact us, personally!


Janice Worthington, Executive Director

Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
14-Year Executive Recruiter
Career Columnist, Business First
Talk Show Host,

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